Feb 24 2011

Salvation Mountain and the Anti-Salvation Murals

Recently I had a chance to visit Salvation Mountain in Niland, CA.
The 50′ high by 150′ wide mass of adobe clay and house paint was more than worthy of a three hour drive through the desert and a brief, yet nerve racking brush with the US Border Control. But the most intriguing part of the journey was our discovery of two mysterious structures hiding in the distance about 250 yards behind the religious masterpiece. Even with the almighty Google and the power of the interweb I have been unable to find much information about these so-called “Anti-Salvation Murals”.

The first of the two tanker-like, 360 degree murals was a colorful, frenzied depiction of sex and debauchery. Horned animals in every position of the Kama Sutra dance around the 15′ high concrete cylinder titled clearly as the “Wheel of Kama”.

Even further down the desert trail is an identically sized cylinder covered with marching dinosaurs, bombs, tanks and is thoroughly branded with corporate logos. The words “Recipe for the Final Big Bang” painted on the near side of the cylinder seem to be an appropriate title.

My co-pilot, Brooks, and I couldn’t help but wonder if we had somehow committed a moral or blasphemes offense by traveling down the mysterious path behind Salvation Mountain. If anyone has more information about these murals, please contact me. Hopefully my soul doesn’t depend on it.

Feb 10 2011

Winter at The Barnes Foundation



A few weeks ago I took an interest in a little known place called the Barnes Foundation. Not only are there acres of beautiful surrounding landscapes but the building itself houses the greatest collection of post-impressionist paintings in the world. Stay tuned for more info about this historic landmark in future posts!